Audi R8 Exhaust System For Performance Upgrade

How many times have you been hanging around the exhaust system installed in your car? Did you just change the muffler? Or did you mess up the blanket and change the whole line? These are some of the questions you’ve all asked yourselves about when it comes to upgrade the Audi R8 Exhaust System. But probably, the one that everybody does and where the answers are so different depending on who you ask is: Will you gain some power? Well, if you are still of those, who have the maximum engraved on fire of “big donkey walk and do not walk”, and you think that a bigger escape means more power, here are some tips about what you need to know about the systems and how to increase performance.

Audi R8 Exhaust System Performance Upgrade

Mostly, when you change the components of the exhaust system, the first thing that comes to mind is to know if we have improved some performance. It is important to understand that the exhaust velocity of the exhaust gases is one of the keys to its performance. When the engine is at low revs, the amount of exhaust gases is low, so the output speed is also low. You could increase the exit velocity of these gases by using a tube with a smaller diameter, but this would create a great restriction when you used the high zone of revolutions of the motor.

Gas sweeping makes an exhaust system more efficient. Said sweep has a high-pressure zone that sweeps the gases out of the engine, followed by a low-pressure zone that helps sweep away the remaining exhaust gases, i.e the piston has less effort to perform when is carrying out the exhaust fumes. In short, the objective is that the escape velocity be as fast as possible with the least restriction, which of course is not something as simple as writing this sentence.

Exhaust Diameter

The idea is to increase the exhaust diameter in proportion to the amount of exhaust created that your car engine generates. This reduces the restriction and allows greater flow. In short, if you have modified the engine, you will have to modify the exhaust in order to allow a greater flow of air.

Why do you think you should change the exhaust system?

This question makes a lot of sense to those who are thinking of entering a circuit, or those who are obsessed with the tachometer needle always prowling around the “red zone.” If this is your case, you should improve the exhaust system to get a lower restriction on exhaust gases. That said, this modification is a very important point to take into account when starting to improve the performance of your car engine.

After reading all this, having drawn your own math, made a design with your best intentions, etc., will I really notice an improvement in performance? This is something that you can only know once you have installed everything and go to check how much is the real gain of your new Audi R8 Exhaust system.

Champion Motorsport Audi R8 Exhaust System

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