Best App To Recover And Print Text Messages From iPhone

Did you delete important messages and want to recover them? How to print text messages from iPhone? Text messages usually mean a lot to us. We update ourselves among family and friends, we share joys, sorrows and much more. Sometimes, we receive a reminder by SMS and we plan to read it later. However, the text messages on our iPhones are easily deleted by mistake, by a corrupted system, by jailbreak, by a failed update, factory reset and so on. If you find yourself in such a bad situation, do not panic. You can recover deleted text messages directly from your iPhone or an iTunes backup file and finally print text messages from iPhone.

App to Print Text Messages From iPhone

The most professional SMS recovery and print SMS solution for you. By using this app you can easily recover deleted messages from an iPhone, iTunes backup or an iCloud backup. With its clear and objective interface, it is easier than ever to recover messages deleted or lost accidentally on your iPhone because of an accident or a corrupt system.

Causes and solutions of Android apps Stoppage

Why do applications stop? What to do when an application closes alone? These are some of the most desperate questions on the network. And it is not for less: we cannot upload a photo to Instagram, It does not let us answer a conversation on WhatsApp or we can not check our order in the Amazon app because the app stops alone.

Why do applications stop?

There are several reasons why programs and files are stopped on a cell phone, some of the most common reasons are:

  • Unexpected behavior of the device. Can it be a good time to buy a new one?
  • The application has a malfunction because its development has not been correct like bad code, internal errors, flaws etc.
  • There is not enough RAM to make it work.
  • The application or user data is corrupted.

For errors that are internal to the application itself, you should leave a comment to the developers to fix the bug in turn, the error or whatever it is that is failing. You can do it from the same application market, either Google Play or App Store.

What to do when an application closes alone?

If the apps are closed alone, you can do several things to try to fix them. You will see everything from the simplest to the most “complicated”. You see testing until you find the solution.

  • Turn off and on again your terminal, or restart the device.
  • Clear data and cache of the application that gives you problems. To do this, go to Settings/Applications and click on your app. There you can delete cache (clean the residual memory) or delete data (leaves it clean as if you had just installed it).
  • Install the problematic app again. Go to Settings/ Applications and inside the app that closes itself, click “Uninstall”. Once it’s out of your phone or tablet, download it again and install it.
  • Check for app updates.
  • If the application that closes alone is a factory that does not let you uninstall, go to it and click ” Uninstall updates.” Remember that you can also DISABLE it.
  • Clean the entire device’s cache, do not worry, it will not erase user data.

Best app to print SMS from iPhone

SMS Easy Reader & Printer app print SMS from iPhone gives you multiple function facility. You can take a backup, recover deleted messages, save them in PC or email and lastly print unlimited amount of SMS messages from iPhone. The good thing is that this is a free application. You can download from google app store or from a company website.